Execon's experience in the solar industry is second to none. Over the course of 9 years we have installed over 3 000 000 watts of solar capacity across Canada

27 kW Solar array, In Mayo Yukon
Thanks Solvest for letting work on this project! This a no roof penetration solar installation
18.5 kW Solar Panel System
Commercial solar system, installed in Richmond hill Ontario. 19 kW, 300Ft in the air
Solar Rails Installation
Drilling through 5/8" steel Execon drilled over 900 holes to install solar racking by Sentinel Solar
West array
Birds Eyes view of the 18.5 kw west side array in Richmond Hill, Ont.
Wall mounted 20kW in Nunavut at the Canadian High Arctic Research Station
Off-Grid Solar System
Off-grid solar system, installed on shipping container
New Roof with solar, Toronto
Solar system removed, roof replaced, solar re-installed, critter guard from Solatrim
Net-meter solar system, ottawa
10 000 watt solar panel system, grid-tied
500 kW tracker farm
2500 solar panels reducing electrical costs 800 000$ a year
50kw Solar panel system
Agricultural, 50kw DC 25 AC, FIT. Eastern ontario
10 kW solar system, Ottawa
Solar system offsetting electrical costs 5000$ a year
10kW microfit, Greely
10 000 watt solar panel system
10 000 watt solar panel system, offsetting 11 000lbs of carbon per year!
10kW Solar Tracker
Generating over 12000$ a year

Home exteriors
New Constructions, renovations and additions
10KW Solar Rooftop Ottawa
West Side Pitch
10kW Solar MicroFIT
Neatly fitting solar panel system offsetting electrical cost 2500$ a year!
10KW Solar Installation
South Side Pitch on Garage with Barn style steel roofing
10KW Solar system Pembroke
10 000 watt solar system offsetting 100% of home energy use
10KW Solar Rooftop Pembroke
Side View of array
Rooftop Solar Racking installation
Racking and Micro-
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10kW microfit, Greely